Here you can find the final and key deliverables of the Buildsmart Project. Please click on the link ”Training for professionals” to find the reports.

Training is an important aspect of implementing very low energy technologies in a building. The BuildSmart project has therefore developed training programmes for industry professionals as well as households, or the energy-end users. Please find below training materials ranging from webinars, guides, useful website links and videos, which will help create awareness of technologies and use of low energy buildings.

The training for professionals is targeted at the energy industry and is useful to architects, planners, builders, designers, electricians and facility managers who are responsible for implementing and operating new technologies in a building. The training is delivered via study visits of the BuildSmart demonstration sites, webinars, and guides. These address the technologies of the buildings but also highlight areas for actions for professionals at work.

The energy-end user training for households is targeted at anyone who works or lives in a building and is looking to reduce their energy consumption while improving comfort levels by taking simple energy-saving actions. The training material ranges from guides to useful website links and videos to inspire action.

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